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What should you need to know about Zizmall Reviews

If you are interested in reading Zizmall reviews, you’ve come to the right place. There are several reasons to stay away from this online shopping site. Although it has a short life cycle, it does offer a poor trustworthiness index and a lack of official contact form. Listed below are some of the reasons to stay away from this online shopping site. The following points are also important to consider when making your purchase.

It lacks social media accounts

There is a glaring problem with Zizmall Reviews: the company is not transparent about its social media accounts. In addition, the website contains plagiarized content. Its contact email address is not specified and the company does not provide a phone number. Its website also lacks a return policy and social media accounts. All these issues make it impossible to trust this company and its products.

The website has a short life-span, having been registered three weeks ago. Despite that, it lacks customer reviews and social media accounts. The website uses SSL encryption to protect the privacy of its users, and its terms and conditions do not list a contact email address. As a result, it is difficult to trust Zizmall Reviews. If you are looking for a review website, there are a few key features that you should look for.

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It has a poor trustworthiness index

A review of the Zizmall website reveals a number of problems. The site has a very short life span, only two to three weeks, and an extremely low trustworthiness index. While it is enlisted through NameSilo, LLC, the site does not list its owner or provide customer reviews. While it has a low Alexa ranking, the site is not active on any other platforms. Although it is on social media, it does not offer a secure connection for the users to send sensitive data. Additionally, there are a few other issues with the site, including its lack of a contact form or email address.

Despite claims to sell a large number of items at steep discounts, Zizmall Reviews has a poor reliability index. The website’s poor customer service and poor delivery times make it a potentially dangerous website. The company has also been found to have poor customer service, which is common with scam sites. In summary, Zizmall is considered a potentially dangerous website. You should not trust any online store unless you’re willing to put up with a poor trustworthiness index.

It lacks an official contact form

The website hasn’t had much time to establish a solid reputation. The company’s domain was registered only three weeks ago and lacks any reviews or social media accounts. Its trust index is low, with 59% of data being common and 25% being duplicated. There’s no official contact form or social media profile on the site, and there’s no mention of the company’s name or location. Finally, there’s no mention of an address, contact number, or other details.

The Zizmall website is incredibly unprofessional, with no phone number or email address. The site does have social media accounts, but there are no reviews or ratings on them. The website itself has a low Alexa ranking, making it difficult to identify the owner. Despite the lack of contact information, there’s no phone number or return policy. That’s not a very professional way to get answers to your questions, let alone receive a response.

It has copied product images from another questionable online store

According to Zizmall Reviews, the website uses content and images from a different questionable online store. Although they claim to offer a variety of products at discounted prices, this is a red flag. Most scam sites offer huge discounts to attract customers. Zizmall has the same characteristics as other questionable online stores, including bad customer service and slow delivery. This means that it should be avoided.

This online store has also been known to use plagiarized content and have an unprofessional email address. While the website does provide an email address, it is not related to the name of the store. The email address provided does not contain a phone number and is not associated with customer service. As a result, it is difficult to trust Zizmall Reviews. A better way to avoid scam websites is to avoid them at all costs.



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