Top 10 Universities in the United States

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Top 10 Universities in the United States: The United States is a major destination for higher education, attracting students from within the country and worldwide. The quality of teaching, professional training and research projects offered by the US universities is of high standards thus these institutions have received world-class recognition. US has many schools that have been ranked among the world’s top.

Top 10 Universities in the United States


Princeton University is a private university, which has been ranked among the world’s best institutions of higher education. It is situated in Princeton Town, New Jersey. The institution has been on record as the first university to have taken qualified students and extending grants to them to cater for their tuition expenses, as opposed to the popular loans that need a later settlement. With a maximum enrollment of 6,600 students in the last academic year, the university charged a fee of $42,292.


The popular Harvard University is owned by the private sector and lies in Cambridge, Massachusetts, near Boston. Harvard University is the earliest institution of higher learning in the United States and has earned world-class recognition for its excellence in arts and science. The Harvard University charged an average fee of $44 thousand, taking in close to 5,400 fresh students in the last academic year.


Situated in the urban settings of New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University has been identified as one of the world’s best institutions for research. The University has dedicated most of its resources to support research-based studies. The school groups its learners into twelve different colleges of residence in urban settings with the intent to create environmental conservation and awareness in its students while developing their social and learning skills. One has to raise $49,138 for tuition fees and be selected among 6,068 applicants on a competitive basis.


The Columbia University is situated in the sub-urban environs of the New York City. The institution has three schools of undergraduate studies namely: the School of General Studies, the Columbia College and the Fountain School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. Columbia University provides full accommodation facilities for its students in the Morningside Heights, Manhattan, in New York City. Tuition and other charges amount $43,245, with an admission limit of seven thousand students.


Stanford University is a private university situated in Bay Area, California, thirty miles away from San Francisco. It is popular for excellence in delivering full student involvement in research, teaching and learning. Students have access to opportunities that allow them come up with research projects in their areas of interest, thus boosting innovation. The university charges $46,386 tuition fees. The resources available allow a total of 5590 places for admission every academic year.


This is a private university that offers higher learning in Arts, Education, Science and Technology. The University is located in the Hyde Park community of Chicago. The fees are up to $45,476 for the academic year, with available places ranging up to 6,655 for fresh students.


The Duke University is a private institution that is located in Durham, North Carolina. The university offers undergraduate programs in engineering and liberal arts. It also supports co-curricular events such as sporting activities. The university’s Tar Heels and Chapel Hill have renowned titles for their outstanding performance in male basketball programs. The university enrolls 4,500 students and charges $43,498 tuition fees.


This famous private institution lies Cambridge urban settings of Massachusetts and is best known for its outstanding performance in engineering, science, and mathematics. The school also offers programs in Social Sciences, Humanities, Architecture, and Management. The fees: $45,890 with an average admission limit of 9680 students yearly.


This University is located in Philadelphia, and it is a private institution that has offers undergraduate studies in Nursing, Arts and Sciences, Applied Sciences, and Engineering. However, the university has a small admission limit of 990 places, charging a fee of $41,538.


This institution is located in the rural Pasadena area. Its programs lay emphasis on engineering and science. This institution also partners with the Department of Health and Human Services of the USA and the National Science Foundation to foster research practice and projects where the students may obtain grants for research. It allows 4,200 students and charges $46,752 for tuition.

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