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Sulekhi Reviews – Is This Shoe Store a Scam?

In this article, I will discuss some of the concerns about Sulekhi. This store has a poor trust rating, offers products at unreasonably low prices, and has not provided adequate information on its return policy and shipping fees. I will also explain why Sulekhi’s social media links are misleading. While this store is relatively new to the market, there are many warnings and concerns surrounding it. I encourage you to read all my Sulekhi reviews before making a purchase.

Sulekhi is a new store with lots of warnings

While the name of the store might be appealing, it’s not very trustworthy. The Sulekhi web site doesn’t contain any social media icons, no contact information, and it doesn’t link to its Facebook or Twitter accounts. What’s more, it doesn’t have any information on how to return or exchange items, or accept payment by credit or debit card. Even the domain doesn’t have any information on payment methods accepted. This is an issue as there are a lot of unreliable web sites and we’ve got to warn you of this one.

Despite its promising website, there are a lot of concerns about this new store. The address does not differ from the name of the website, and the site’s HTTPS connection is not good enough to verify its authenticity. Also, the website has no social media presence, and the customer support is unresponsive. Moreover, there are no client reviews on the Sulekhi website. Considering all the negative feedback, it’s probably best to avoid buying anything from this store.

Sulekhi has poor trust rank

Although the website claims to sell top branded shoes at low prices, the company is not an authorized seller and lacks trustpilot approval. Furthermore, the website matches with problematic sites, which may lead to negative customer reviews. The company also lacks complete contact details, and its social media links are misleading. In our opinion, it would be better to avoid buying from Sulekhi and look for other shoes stores instead. However, we can’t rule out a potential scam, but we recommend avoiding shopping at this website.

According to the Sulekhi Reviews website, there are a number of issues with this company. Most of the content is duplicated and the company’s owner is not known. The website’s address is also invalid, and it has a poor trust score. As a result, it has a 14.8% trust rank and a poor trust score. Despite the site’s poor trust rank, there are many reviews on Sulekhi, indicating a fair reputation.

Sulekhi offers unrealistically cheap prices

Despite the attractive interface and high discount offered on its products, Sulekhi is a scam store. Besides, the site lacks any online entertainment presence, so there is no way to read Sulekhi reviews. Additionally, the site is incredibly new with no customer feedback. Unfortunately, online shopping has become a convenient means of Internet fraud, and scams like Sulekhi are commonplace. Read this review to learn about the potential dangers of Sulekhi.

While it claims to sell designer and branded shoes at cheap prices, it isn’t an authorized seller. While its website closely resembles the sites that offer faulty products, customer support, and poor delivery time, we’d recommend staying away from this scam. But before you spend money on Sulekhi shoes, learn more about its reputation and credibility before you decide to shop there. We’ve found some of the most common warning signs with the website.

Sulekhi has not clarified its shipping fee, return and refund

Although the website claims to sell high-end brands, it does not offer any guarantee on the quality and design of its products. The site also offers limited-time 50% off sale on its entire collection. The shipping fee is also not clearly stated on the website. If you are concerned about the quality of the products, you can return them for a full refund or exchange. However, the company does not provide any complete contact information.

The Sulekhi website has fair customer feedback, but is not trustworthy. The company has duplicate content and a poor trust index score. The social media icons on the website aren’t working and don’t redirect to the Sulekhi profile. The website has a low trust rank of 14.8% and a poor trust score of 2%. The Sulekhi mailing address also has misleading social media links. Considering that the product is too expensive for a normal discount, the company’s prices are too high.

Sulekhi offers pathetic customer service

The reviews of Sulekhi have been fair, but their content is largely copied. Their website is a copycat of a review site and they have an Alexa ranking of 224,449, which is a poor trust score. Nevertheless, the customer service at Sulekhi is pathetic. Here are some of the reasons why they’re a poor choice for you. o Their customer support is incredibly difficult and pathetic.

o The website lacks proper contact details. Although the website claims to sell branded shoes, it is difficult to locate the contact details of the company’s customer support representatives. Additionally, the website offers a low price tag for expensive brands. It doesn’t have an extensive list of product information, including delivery and return policies. The site also doesn’t list their phone number or complete address. The social media links on the website are misleading, and there’s no real way to get in touch with customer service.

FAQ ABOUT : Sulekhi Reviews

  • Link to website visiting
  • Domain creation date-14/09/2021
  • Products – Branded Shoes
  • Email address- [email protected]
  •  contact number- N/A
  • Address: 128 LIN Rd. PA 464, USA
  • Transport time – 5-9 days
  • Payment method – VISA MasterCard, MasterCard, DISCOVER American Express, JCB and DISCOVER
  • Social media icons- Available
  • Trust rank –  14.8%
  • Trust score- 2%
  • Alexa rank –  224 449


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