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How Reviews Can Help You Make a Perfect Purchase

If you’re looking for reviews about, you’re in luck. This online store sells everything from clothing to shoes. However, there are some cons to keep in mind. While it has a dark mode, it uses serif and sans serif fonts, and its trust index is 0! In addition, Sharkicon is not a social media site, and doesn’t offer social media integration.

Sharkicon has a dark mode

Sharkicon is a modern and attractive website, designed to attract visitors. It also has a dark mode, a design feature which is similar to the night mode on some devices and applications. Several leading brands are also adopting this trend, which enables designers to make their designs stand out and be more prominent.

Like the other Transformers, Sharkticon has two modes. Its main mode is a robot with a bipedal shape, while the dark mode transforms it into a submarine. Sharkticons can switch between these two modes and can transform into either submarine or vehicle mode.

The alt mode of Sharkicon Megatron looks like a Klingon Bird of Prey, but with hooked wings. Its neck is thin, and its head is covered with something, like a skull. Its eyes are red, and its tail is long. The alt mode also has a dark mode that turns its tail into a spike.

When the Sharkticons were released in 2005, they were released in Transformers: Universe packaging. The toy was the same as the Energon toy, but in a slightly different package. Until that time, Sharkicon was called Sharkons, but their name was changed when they were incorporated into the Transformers franchise. This wave, however, did not receive much attention at big box retail, and the toy was only sold through the mail.

Sharkticon first appeared in the Energon toyline in 2004. It was an individual Decepticon, but it had a color scheme similar to the Robots in Disguise Predacon Sky-Byte. The Sharkticon was recruited by Scorponok as an asset for space recon, but soon proved useful in underwater combat. It also has a deep fear of Megatron.

It uses serif and sans serif fonts

The Sharkicon website has a modern design that makes use of serif and sans serif fonts on both the title and body text. The font size on the website is appropriate for the content, and visitors will find it easy to read and navigate. The web design innovation is evolving with the latest trends in technology and visitor behavior.

Sharkicon uses an attractive design that attracts visitors and is designed to keep them on the site. The company has also recently added a dark mode feature to its website, which is similar to the night mode found on some applications and devices. This feature enhances the prominence of certain elements on the site. Most leading brands use this design, and it helps them increase the visibility of their content and products.

It has a trust index of 0

Several factors contribute to a reviews’ trust index being low. Among other things, the site doesn’t have many reviews. It needs more reviews in order to increase its trust index. Besides positive reviews, it should also have a verified Google Maps location and a shipping time estimation.

It does not provide social media

Although Sharkicon is an online store that sells clothing, it does not provide social media. While genuine stores have links to their social networks on their websites, Sharkicon does not. Instead, it has copied the policies and product images from another online store. Its customer feedback section is lacking, and there are no social media icons on its website. As a result, it is difficult to know whether or not Sharkicon is a trustworthy store.

It has poor typography

Typography is an important aspect of web design. Sharkicon uses serif and sans serif fonts on their website. They also use appropriate font size, which is important for legibility of body text. In recent years, web design has undergone a huge evolution. Leading brands have begun using dark mode design, which makes their typography appear more prominent.


  • URL :
  • Details of the OwnerNot Available
  • Website Freezing Date : 09-03-2023
  • Trust score–  1%
  • Reviews Assembled : Not Available
  • Portal Age :  4 months old and 25 days old.
  • Trust Score– 58.2/100
  • Bulk Buying OptionNot Available
  • Alexa Rank  :  10920607
  • Unreliable discountsNot Available
  • Address LegitimacyNot Available
  • Social Media Connections  : Not Available


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