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Lego Star Summer Vacation Will Star Weird Al Yankovic

Lego Star Summer Vacation is a new movie starring Weird Al Yankovic. The saga-spanning adventure is a hilarious and charming romp that’s sure to make your day. It’s a must-see for fans of the saga. Read on for more on the movie, trailer, and Weird Al’s zany performance.

Weird Al Yankovic

A new original song from “Weird Al” Yankovic will appear in the Disney+ special LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation. The song is “Scarif Beach Party” and features several Star Wars characters. Obi-Wan in a Hawaiian shirt, the Force ghost in scuba gear, and Jabba the Hutt in a festive hat all play a part in this fun summertime tune.

Fans of the satirical pop singer are going to be ecstatic to hear “Scarif Beach Party.” The song features a reference to the Battle of Scarif from the new Star Wars movie Rogue One. It also makes fun of Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor, who didn’t survive that battle. A snippet of the song can be heard in the trailer for the special.

The song “Scarif Beach Party” was written by Michael Kramer and Shayne. “Weird Al” Yankovic, who voices Vic Vankoh, also contributed to the soundtrack. The satirical artist’s previous roles include the Kinks’ “Lola” and a Star Wars parody, “Yoda.” The newest film embraces many of the themes from the original trilogy, while still remaining a family-friendly film.

The new film follows the events of “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” and “The Return of the Jedi.” Finn and his friends plan a surprise vacation on Haylcon, a luxury Galactic Starcruiser. The movie also features Weird Al Yankovic as the fun-loving Vic Vankoh, who contributes a song entitled Scarif Beach Party.

The new film will be available on Disney+ on August 3rd. This release will feature two new musical numbers and a new song by “Weird Al Yankovic.” The movie follows the characters from the original trilogy and the new film and follows Finn on his luxury cruise ship. During the vacation, Finn frets about his future and is helped by three Force ghosts who impart lessons.

Weird Al Yankovic in Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation

The upcoming animated Disney+ special Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation will feature a new song performed by “Weird Al” Yankovic. This song is called “Scarif Beach Party,” and it features references to the Battle of Scarif from Rogue One. Unfortunately, Jyn Erso and Cassian Andor didn’t make it out of Scarif alive. The song is also featured in the special’s trailer, which you can watch below.

Besides Weird Al Yankovic, the movie features other well-known characters and familiar faces from the movies. It stars Kelly Marie Tran, Anthony Daniels, Billy Dee Williams, and Yvette Nicole Brown. In addition to the main cast, the movie also features a huge voice cast.

Lego Star Wars: Summer Vacation is a fun holiday movie, with familiar characters from the original trilogy. Weird Al Yankovic voices the character Vic Vanko, a human musician on the planet Scarif. The character is a musician who performs for Darth Vader and Darth Sidious. In LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation, Vic plays an accordion-like instrument with a Bith backing band.

The new movie is directed by Ken Cunningham and written by David Shayne. It will air on Disney+ on August 5, 2022. For more information, visit the official website. Once released, LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation will be available for viewing on Disney+.

The special is the fourth in a series of crossover stories between the Star Wars and LEGO franchise. The first two included “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special” in 2020 and “LEGO Star Wars: Terrifying Tales” in the 2021-2020 era. The Summer Vacation story continues this trend by integrating LEGO iconography into the world of the original franchise. The characters in this special, including Finn and Poe Dameron, are all familiar to fans of the franchise.

The saga-spanning tale

LEGO Star Wars: Summer Vacation is the latest in a series of movies for the popular toy brand. Unlike previous films, this one takes place during the summer, and the story follows a group of friends on a summer vacation. Along the way, they run into a number of familiar characters and encounter the Force ghosts of Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Organa, and Anakin Skywalker. In addition to meeting their old friends, Finn also meets Ben Solo and Darth Vader.

The animated film is directed by Ken Cunningham and produced by Atomic Cartoons. It stars Kelly Marie Tran and Billy Dee Williams as beloved characters from the saga. The film is slated to debut on Disney+ on August 5, 2022. Fans will have the opportunity to watch the trailer and learn more about the creative process behind this fun and wacky adventure.

The saga-spanning tale of LEGO Star Summer Vacation is an entertaining adventure that will appeal to fans of the Star Wars saga. The movie takes place after the events of the original Star Wars films and is perfect for children and adults alike. The characters have adventures ranging from heists to fake dating to first kisses.

The saga-spanning tale of LEGO Star Summer Vacation is a fun family film with lots of deep cut references. The characters spend most of their time outside in the sun. Even the heroes from the original trilogy spend some time in the sun. A new Weird Al song accompanies the film.

Ben Solo and his friends make their way to Endor to see the infamous Lake Villages of Endor. While there, they meet Wick and Sidero Cooper, who are father and daughter. Ben then declares to Sidero that he can fly the Millennium Falcon. Ben and Sidero then go for a dangerous joyride through a debris field.


The trailer for Lego Star Summer Vacation is out. The animated movie follows the events of “The Rise of Skywalker” (which wrapped up the nine-episode Skywalker saga). In the trailer, Rey, Finn, Poe, and their friend Rose board a galactic starship called the Halcyon for a vacation. But things go wrong. While traveling through the galaxy, Finn encounters the Force ghost of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He then tells the story of the vacation gone wrong.

This summertime adventure will premiere on Disney+ on August 5th, 2022. There’s no word on a physical release of the movie yet. The previous Lego Star Wars movies were released on DVD and Blu-ray. The official Twitter account of the brand shared a teaser for the new movie.

The movie is directed by Ken Cunningham and will be available on Disney+ in 2022. It’s an animated film and doesn’t have a theatrical release. While the earlier films were released on DVD and Blu-ray, the new film will be available on Disney+ on August 5, 2022. It stars Billy Dee Williams and “Weird Al” Yankovic.

The trailer begins with a plane flying to an unnamed planet. It’s unclear who is in command, but Finn makes it clear that the mission is fun. After the announcement, the crew begins dancing. The trailer also features a scene where Darth Vader, Palpatine, and Ben Solo are sitting on a stack of beach chairs.

LEGO Star Summer Vacation is an animated film that will be available on Disney Plus on Aug. 5. The film will feature Jabba the Hutt and several other characters from the saga. It’s set after the events of The Rise of Skywalker. While the film is set after the events of Rise of Skywalker, it still follows the summer vacation of Finn and his friends. In this animated film, Finn meets Obi-Wan Kenobi, Leia Organa, and Anakin Skywalker, and even meets Ben Solo.



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